We established blog.translationartwork.com because we think there are some topics in translation or artwork business which have to be discussed. This Blog belongs to http://www.translationartwork.com/ our innovative online translation platform which offers professional translation services and powerpoint design.

Translating documents and designing professional presentations is very demanding and can be optimized by:

  • High quality and professional work,
  • Fast and process oriented handling,
  • Saving valuable time doing business instead of translations and presentations and
  • Fair price by immediate real-time online offer.

We rolled this all together and developed TranslationArtwork.com which is a Business Unit of ModusNext.ch GmbH, Switzerland.

Some Words in German
ModusNext.ch GmbH wurde in 2007 gegründet und besitzt zwei Geschäftseinheiten, Business Unit YOOSOCIAL.ch und Business Unit TranslationArtwork.com. YOOSOCIAL.ch bietet Social Media Marketing Beratung sowie Suchmaschineoptimierung Schweiz, Deutschland und Österreich im Unternehmen. TranslationArtwork.com bietet professionelle Text Übersetzungen für alle Sprachkombinationen.

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  1. Francesca, said:

    I have been transcribing source language MP3 and WAV files into English documents. Is their any voice recognition software available for Macs in Spanish and French? It would make my life easier!

  2. Sam Shalalo, said:

    I’m already enjoying my membership of your site and looking forward to reading many new entries in it.

  3. Gabriela, said:

    Hi you all!
    Nice to be presented in this working space. I am an ordinary translator from English to Slovak. I have completed my study at Technical University of Metalurgy and I have been translating for almost 10 years. I really like this job and the feeling of beeing independant while working.

  4. Haydee, said:

    Hello there from Argentina!

    I have been an English into Spanish translator for most of my life now! I graduated as a teacher of English at the National University of La Plata. My career soon swerved to technical translations at a shipyard in the area, followed by a tree-year-stint in London where I worked for an Argentine company. I have a wonderful family, a very supportive husband, and two fine boys in their twenties. I am now fully devoted to freelance technical translations. I love languages, travelling, films, reading and lots more! and of course the freedom freelance translating gives you. It’s been really nice to read all the comments posted in this space.

  5. Julia, said:

    Hi all,

    I am a freelance Medical and Healthcare Translator, originally from Argentina and currently living in U.S. I translate all kind of medical documents from English into Spanish. Networking with another translators contributes to learn from other people´s experiences, and in the technical and medical fields, in which there are new words all the time due to changes and new discoveries, it’s of great help to be in touch with other professionals in the field.


  6. dalia, said:

    Iam Dalia.Iam from Egypt and Iam a translator from arabic into English and vice versa.I hope to be in contact with other translators which give more experience as they are from several countries.Thanks a lot


  7. Shradha, said:


    I am a Russian Translator from India. I think its fascinating experience to be connected with people of same field, which not only helps you to grow as a professional but also enriches you with knowledge.


  8. sherien, said:

    hi every body
    I’m Sherien Fadel, from Egypt (Cairo), work in trnaslation from 2003 till now
    trnaslating printed docs.

  9. Attila, said:

    Hi everybody
    I am court interpreter for French, Hungarian and Serbian. Even though I have to do other translation for 40+ languages, any level.

  10. Hi there Everyone !
    Saludos desde México en seis idiomas !!

    I am so pleased to be read by all of you and knowing you all do the same work I do…makes my day !
    I am into teaching a language in One Month and, of course, I do use translation for my students to achieve our goal. Most of them, high-classed executives in Mexico and from abroad.
    Translators should always stick together. Writing books in different languages and giving them a piece of me…is something that absolutely ( like Rocky Balboa used to say )….turns me on !

    Tanti Saluti !
    Mit Vergnügen !
    George Modilevsky ( Google )

    Ciao !

  11. Shehab, said:

    Hi, I’m Shehab El deen Ahmed from Egypt, I work as an English- Arabic translator since 2004. I wish I could be on contact with other translators to exchange experiences.

  12. Lia Marus, said:

    Hi. My name is Lia and I am a freelance translator and editor working from South Africa. I concentrate on legal and financial texts and I translate from French into English and Afrikaans into English.

    I think that a blog for translators is a fantastic idea! Very often, during our training we get a fine education in the field of translation but we are not taught the skills to market ourselves. Let’s face it, we can be the best translators in the world but if no one knows about us, we aren’t going to get any work!

    Once again, I really am excited about joining this blog and I hope to form many connections in the future!

  13. Fabio Descalzi, said:

    Hi, I am Fabio from Montevideo, Uruguay, South America.
    I am an Architect and Technical Translator, both in one: since I lived in Germany in 2000-2001 working for a builder and realtor, I started developing skills as specialized translator for architecture, construction, civil engineering and real estate. When the web of webs started to make it possible, I developed a freelancing career.
    I am proud to live in my country and work for the world!

  14. Irene Varela, said:

    Hi, everybody! I’m another freelance translator from Montevideo, Uruguay.
    I’ve been a teacher of English EFL for over 25 years and I’m now an EFL Coordinator as well as Spanish E/LE Coordinator. I’ve developed my career as a freelance translator about 10 years ago once I left University. I’ve been working for the world for 5 years now and I’m really happy to be able to manage big projects as well as small ones. I just love everything I do… and as some articles published here I’m a Gemini!

  15. Gabriela, said:


    My name is Gabriela Nikolova, my working languages are Macedonian, Serbian and Croatian into English and vice versa, I’m from Macedonia, we are a team of three experienced translators working together, we have our own company and handle all the translations.
    Nice to be here!

  16. Maria Ivo, said:

    Hi everyone,

    Well, what can I say!? I think the best is to present myself.

    My name is Maria Ivo (the shortest version, of course), I am a portuguese translator, from Portugal, and my language pairs are:


    and you may choose the combaniation, (i.e. Italian/English, French/Spanish, etc.)

    I am working together with several other translators but do not have any agency. All of us are able to translate in the most various pairs of languages.

    I work as a freelancer, homebased translator, and would very much appreciate to cooperate in any way possible with all of you.

    In this moment, I would like to move myself to Italy (again) so, I am very much interested in earing about translation jobs situation in this specific country.

    Hope to ear from everyone… soon.

    All the best


  17. Maria Antonietta Ricagno, said:

    Hi everybody

    I am a technical translator. I started my career in 1986 as a legal translator, the n I began to specialise in software and engineering.

    I would be glad to collaborate with any of you in need of my language pairs: English and Spanish into Italian.

    I also run an online newsmagazine as a publisher, contributiong with articles on Linguistics, photographic services and more.

    All the best

    Anto (aka Maria Antonietta)

  18. Lojuste Herold, said:

    Hello everybody:I love your wonderful Translation services on line that help people improve the quality of their tranlation artwork and do a bettr job. Thank you for sharing Herold,

  19. Kathleen Hubert, said:


    I was wondering if you accept guest post for your blog. If you do, I would like to submit a few. I’m a recent college graduate, with an English major, looking to build out my portfolio. I can write on a wide variety of topics and am sure you would be happy with the quality. Please email me back if you are interested. Thank you for your time.

    – Kathleen Hubert

  20. Dear Kathleen,

    thank you for your comment. Of course we accept guest posts. I wrote you an PM with Facebook. Kindly send me your suggested blog posts regarding translation.

    Best wishes,

  21. Kanwal, said:

    Hello everyone,

    I am Kanwal from India, actually a Library professional but along with that going to start this new exciting career as a translator.

    My language group is English, Hindi and Punjabi.
    Nice to see you all here.

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