Is your Translation a piece of Artwork?

Many people are of the view that literary translation is an art in itself and it is undervalued and under-rated in modern society. According to this group a strong academic background in translation does not necessarily make one a good … »

Checklist for High Quality translation

Translation is an art where perfection comes through practice. However here are a few ground rules that might help you improve the quality of your output. It always helps if you have a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Else, … »

Newsletter – September 2009

We Gained two bigger Translation Projects Weather in September normally plays hide and seek with sunshine and rainy showers. But its one the best months before you start removing your woolens. September at has indeed been very special, as … »

Scientific Translation

The market for technical and scientific translation has increased manifold over the past few decades.  Earlier little formal training was available in this field and there were few opportunities to work in-house. Even in the late 60s only a few … »

Swordfish – CAT Tool

Swordfish by Maxprograms is based on Java and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, thus making it one of few tools that are not made exclusively for Windows. For users preferring other operating systems than Windows, this should be … » on your mobile

Have you seen those advertisements that flash on your mobile? Isn’t that cool.  Yes, indeed mobile marketing is the latest trend in marketing. As mobile users outnumber the number of people seeing television, reading newspapers & magazines, mobile marketing reaches … »

Poetry Translation

Poetry translation is an art in itself and the trick is to not let the feeling and emotion lose its lucidity in the process. Here are certain general observations regarding the art of poetry translation: For a translator the trick … »

Banking Translation Services

A new model is emerging worldwide in the Banking sector with large Banks taking over the smaller ones. If this trend continues it won’t be long when only few big conglomerates would exist. Banking conglomerates are already making their presence felt in almost … »

Newsletter – August 2009

Like every other month sunny August too was a great month at . We continued with our Summer offer for translation from German to English at EUR 1 per line [55 charc. including spaces] and had a great response. … »

Cupids’ Language

French can be regarded as cupid’s favourite language. As a language it oozes love and romance and hence gives you an undue advantage while wooing your beloved. There is a wide variety of phrases available to you disposal to express … »