Translation Events – Sept – Oct 2009

  Attending Events / Seminars / Conferences are best way to stay in touch with the community. Different events are planned for different reasons, and you could choose which event to attend depending upon the details that are provided by … »

Translator Tool –

The internet is abundant with various translation tools, but its difficult to find a tool which caters to your source and target language combination. I came across which is providing a free translator tool for your websites/blogs. You could … »

Virgo Translators

The Virgo characteristics include being precise, refined, conventional & reserved. They are usually shrewd, observant and critically inclined, balancing these tendencies with judiciousness & patience. Natives of the Virgo sign are supporters of status quo and are inclined toward conservatism … »

Medical Translation

Medical translation can be referred to a subject that is extremely specialized. Pharmaceutical translation is also a similar focused topic. Well-known and qualified translators suit this industry the best. Once he/she starts practicing they have to have certain basic abilities … »

Translation in Gaming Industry

The new era of games has begun. It is the video games which are being liked by all age groups. The industry of gaming has grown to such an extent that it is becoming a challenge for other industries.  Today, … »

High Quality Legal Document Translation

Legal translation is one of the most difficult areas in the field of translation. Therefore, the professional legal translators are required to have a strong foundation and a thorough knowledge of the various terms and concepts used in the legal … »

Share your experience

This blog post is dedicated to all those super-talented translators who have worked with . First of all I take this opportunity to thank you for registering with us and it was our pleasure to offer translation projects to … »

Newsletter – July 2009

Its time again, when we sum up activities of the previous month. Talking about July 2009, this has been then most fruitful month for the entire team at . Our marketing team has done a wonderful job because since … »

Business Translation

As more and more companies are entering the international market, the demand for professional translation is also increasing. If you are planning to expand your business to a non-English speaking region, you will require the services of professional translation. Business … »