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With internet becoming the most popular medium used by people world over to search information regarding almost everything under the sky including various products and services, and business websites becoming an essential marketing tool, it has become mandatory for companies operating simultaneously in different non-English speaking countries to localize their websites by translating its content to those various languages and thereby giving all its target audience an equal access to the information provided in the site.

Website localization can be done through a professional translation agency where the task of analyzing and translating the content is done by experienced professional translators who not only translate the content accurately but also give the website a professional look and feel.

A website cannot be translated mechanically just by using free translation tools. Accurate translation needs a thorough research and understanding of the native language as well as its culture. Each country has its own customs and cultures which are reflected in their languages in the form of speech, phrases, terminology etc.

Quality comes with a price tag and the same holds true for website localizations. However, website localization ensures the company an international status and helps it gain credibility in countries that it is operating in. The most important reason to localize a company’s website is to make the content of the site available to the target audience and this in turn will ensure business. A professional website with accurate and informative content increases the chance of conversion.

Companies that are into overseas business cannot afford not to localize their websites. However, localizing a website is no child’s play and it requires time and a professional approach and is best left to specialized agencies. It is certainly an investment worth making. And that’s why its good to “Act Global but think Local”. Localization of websites and other marketing and promotional material is one of the activities undertaken by team

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