Can learning a language be a challenge?

Learning a language can sure be a tedious job. However, the passion and zeal to learn a different language altogether is quite a motivation to take a step forward. It is extremely essential that one practices on a daily basis and engrosses oneself in the learning of the language. Language is learnt by keeping in mind the very basics of the accent and literature. If not practiced everyday, there are chances that you will not be able to retain much of what has already been learnt.

Speaking is a crucial factor while learning a language. The more a person will communicate in the language; the better will be the end result. Communication helps you learn in a faster way. The lessons taught can get quite monotonous and therefore require a lot of change and flexibility in the way one studies. One must discover other techniques of fun learning and reach beyond the limits of their textbooks. To turn successfully into a native speaker one must pick up comics, novels etc to gain more knowledge on the same.

Internalizing the language is the best way of getting a hold of minute details. One can begin to write a diary in this language. Visiting blogs, socializing with native speakers on the Internet are also good options to keep the language within close holds. It will be difficult to begin with initially. However, this kind of practice will help you grasp the lingo faster. Another useful tip is to always keep a dictionary by your side and referring to it each time you get stuck. This will help coping up with the flow of the language. Sentence structure and grammar should be taken special care of.

Every time you come across an unfamiliar phrase, jot it down and find out the meaning through any source. One has to take efforts to learn something new. The sheer passion to learn the language will help you get a strong hold over it. Though making a progress is important, knowledge about how much progress is made at each interval is equally vital. Therefore methods such as self-recording and comparison of writing pieces help you understand the level of progress.

Learning a language can be fun, if learnt in a fun way. Reinforcements are a great option. Set certain parameters to judge yourself and each time you acquire a benchmark, treat your self in a restaurant or simply buy yourself a present. After all learning a foreign language is a skillful job.

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10 thoughts on “Can learning a language be a challenge?

  1. Attila, said:

    Indeed there is no bigger challenge than the one to show how much one knows about one specific language: the best test is to try to translate a simple cooking recipe unto another language. 🙂
    It looks like a joke, but that how it works. Afterwards we are motivated to go ahead extremely fast.
    The problem with pupils at secondary school – at least that is an epidemic here in Serbia – is the “if I am making an error while speaking I’ll be the laughed upon – so better not to learn any foreign languages at all” syndrome. It comes from the Ministry and government itself “speak Serbian so all the World could understand you”. That’s an other song if you go out this slavic world your serbian language knowledge means nothing and you have to speak if not otherwise with hands. A difficult way to trade fine hardware experience this way – that’s sure !

  2. AlexAxe, said:

    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

  3. Heba Abed, said:

    I guess learning a new language can never be a piece of cake. One must exert a great deal of effort and spend a lot of time to master a new language. Although resources for studying a language are available now via the internet, a tutor is always required in terms of communication and deep understanding of idioms, phrases as well as the culture of the foreign language especially at the beginning stage of learning.

    Heba Abed
    Certified English Arabic Translator

  4. Érico, said:

    Hi Ronald….Sorry writing you only now. I did CIE course about two years ago, and its methods is based on how our brain works when learning language. Its about 20 methods; they are very technical and fun. They use balloons, flashcards, music, flags, drawings, tape (like pimsleurs programs), movies and etc. For example, how a child brain works when learning his mother language… they use this same method too so we can learn very fast some important sentences for life. You can also see to learn more. But for me learning a new language will never be “a piece of cake”, but rather a lot of work.

  5. Ronald, said:

    Thanks to everyone for such wonderful comments. Your experiences will definetly help other readers in some way or the other.


  6. George Modilevsky, said:

    Hello Friends !
    Learning a new language should not be seen as something hard and difficult. It should not be considered a path full of obstacles and challenges. Learning a language is absolutely unique and it is worth trying. I say trying because we all know that just a few will achieve the real thing. Unfortunately for everyone, most of the articles written aboout this matter are written by american people. We all know that american people do not have a natural ease to learn another language. It is three times as hard for them. I am serious about this…after 30 years of teaching lots of generations. So, if the article is written by a person who does not even speak a second language…then…he is going to give us his point of view. Us mexicans have a natural ease to learn many languages…so do people from Europe. They have it in the blood. So, from my mexican polyglot point of view…I would advise people not to think that learning a new language is a challenge…but..we had better think…it is another pleasure our beloved nature is giving us…to adore !!! Give it a try !
    Lots of affection…George Modilevsky ( Google ).

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  9. Learn Foreign Language, said:

    This is a nice piece that I can relate to quite well. I have a very similar perspective and believe it is the only way.

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