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Have you seen those advertisements that flash on your mobile? Isn’t that cool.  Yes, indeed mobile marketing is the latest trend in marketing. As mobile users outnumber the number of people seeing television, reading newspapers & magazines, mobile marketing reaches out to a great number of people. recently launched its publicity campaign for mobile users in Germany & United States. I’m sure you must have seen our advertisement on your Blackberry or iPhone. We believe that it’s a great form of advertisement and our campaign has been very fruitful. Our mobile version of the website – has achieved 200% growth in traffic after the launch of this campaign.

Have you spotted the advertisement of on your mobile phone? Tell us about it .

2 thoughts on “ on your mobile

  1. Karen, said:

    Oh, yes I did see it on my Blackberry. I am going to contact you soon. By the way, its a nice blog.

    Cheers, Karen.

  2. Ronald, said:

    @ Karen – Good to know you had a look at our mobile advertizement. Do contact us, we will be happy to serve you.

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