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Differences between Flemish and Dutch

When you translate Dutch you must remember there are different Dutch dialects. Learning more about dialects can be very important when translating, editing and proofreading.
Dutch is spoken by approximately 24 million people worldwide, of which 22 million in Europe, with a majority of them living in the areas of The Netherlands and Belgium. Pronunciation and usage of the spoken Dutch language varies between countries, however regional differences are not so great as to make the language unintelligible to speakers from different areas. »

English does not equal German and translation does not equal technical translation

Technical translations plays a key role when it comes to translations throughout all the major industry sectors. What is the profile of a technical translator? What are the basic principles to be applied when translating a technical text from English into German and which difficulties does an English-German translator have to face? »

Advantages and Disadvantages of SDL Trados and Wordfast

A CAT Tool is software whose functioning is based on the creation of a Translation Memory, which facilitates and speeds up the translator’s work. After having briefly explained how the tools work, the advantages and disadvantages of their use are analyzed. »

Observations on the differences between UK and US English in translating

“-ize” in the back of your head? A brief discussion of the pitfalls of translating into US-English if you are a UK-English native speaker and vice versa. Why it is important to bring authenticity into the end result for the main readership. Some typical examples of the basic differences that exist in these two forms of English. »

Getting The Most From Your French to English Translation Service

The internet, and global marketing, have created a whole new demand for the business world: translation services. Now people are finding that they need to have translators for many different languages, including French to English translation. This is why more businesses than ever are hiring translation services, but they often don’t get the most from their service. »

New Online Translation Service at LegalTech 2010

Lingusistic Systems, Inc., today unveiled its Select Translation Service version 2.0 at LegalTech 2010 in New York City. The latest system provides online access to four levels of translation that meets the varying needs for legal document translation. Read the complete article here. »

Merry Christmas – Happy New Year

Team wishes all its registered translators and customers a very enjoyable and peaceful Christmas with and a joyous and fruitful Happy New Year. Christmas being a special occasion, its best enjoyed with family and friends. By the way how … »

Translation for International Market Research campaigns

While attempting to cater the needs of the global consumer, marketers face a culturally diverse population and it is important to utilize those instruments to measure various concepts which are culturally and linguistically apt when conducting research with different cultural … »