Cupids’ Language

French can be regarded as cupid’s favourite language. As a language it oozes love and romance and hence gives you an undue advantage while wooing your beloved. There is a wide variety of phrases available to you disposal to express … »

Business Translation

As more and more companies are entering the international market, the demand for professional translation is also increasing. If you are planning to expand your business to a non-English speaking region, you will require the services of professional translation. Business … »

Cancerian Translator – The Crab

The Cancerian character is the least clear-cut among those associated with the zodiac – ranging from timid, shy and withdrawn to brilliant and famous. Cancerians are fundamentally conservative and appreciate a secure base. They seek this security in work as … »

Quick Translation Tips

Translation is a very complicated process as against the assumption that translation requires only changing words from the source text to the destination text.  There are many phrases in source text that if translated literally will not make sense in … »

What is the best way to organize a big translation project?

A large volume translation project is always welcome from a revenue perspective. However, it has a few inherent challenges that must be addressed and resolved before getting into the translation phase. It is essential that the agency is realistic about … »