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The misuse of English as a Corporate Language

The misuse of English as a Corporate LanguageA light-hearted look at Management Speak

You may think this blog posting has little to do with translation but since we tend to use the language that is currently in vogue, it is surely relevant in our everyday work as translators.

Have you ever found yourself using ‘management speak’? No? Then think again… »

Observations on the differences between UK and US English in translating

“-ize” in the back of your head? A brief discussion of the pitfalls of translating into US-English if you are a UK-English native speaker and vice versa. Why it is important to bring authenticity into the end result for the main readership. Some typical examples of the basic differences that exist in these two forms of English. »

German to English Translation and Social Media

Thanks to inventions like Myspace, Facebook, and, of course, Twitter, more and more companies are becoming well-known. If your business, for instance, writes a provoking blog and Tweets it out, you’ll be much more likely to get the attention of new customers and clients. The thing is, though, that you’ll not only be getting the attention of people from your nation, but people from nations around the world, which is why many companies are now blogging and having their social media translated from English to German or from German to English and a variety of other languages. »