Translating from German into Spanish

Let’s consider translating from German into Spanish. Most technical manuals are sent to translation after an update, extracting content from either an available, scanned printed doc or a locked pdf. The necessary OCR process generates an editable text containing just “optical” line breaks there, where no ones actually exist. »

Write and get rewarded is inviting you to contribute articles on You have always been reading what we post on our blog, but it’s time to flaunt your literary skills and get rewarded. So how do I go about? 1. You could … »

Translation for International Market Research campaigns

While attempting to cater the needs of the global consumer, marketers face a culturally diverse population and it is important to utilize those instruments to measure various concepts which are culturally and linguistically apt when conducting research with different cultural … »

100 places where you can learn a new language

Learning a new language can be a great way to challenge your mind, meet people from different cultures and even add a valuable asset to your resume and hireability. While traditional courses can be great, there are a number of … »

Newsletter – October 2009

Outstanding October was really taxing, but fruitful for the entire team of We had so many new tasks to accomplish and finally we are proud to say that “Yes”, most of them have been accomplished. »

Translation of Corporate websites

If you are considering expanding your business by entering new markets and your budget is not sufficient for major-league advertising, corporate website translation can be a viable option for you. According to recent marketing reports over 100 million people access … »

Survey: Are you satisfied with your translation service?

Its time for us to know what’s cruzing through your mind when you think about Professional Translation Services. We have a quick survey related to Professional translation services and your response will allow us to better understand your needs and … »

Act Global, Think local – Website Localization

With internet becoming the most popular medium used by people world over to search information regarding almost everything under the sky including various products and services, and business websites becoming an essential marketing tool, it has become mandatory for companies … »

Translation v/s Interpretation

There seems to be a great deal of confusion regarding two terms: Translation and Interpretation. Whether it is sign language or a foreign language, translating and interpreting can be regarded as two sides of the same coin- both serving the … »