Checklist for High Quality translation

Translation is an art where perfection comes through practice. However here are a few ground rules that might help you improve the quality of your output. It always helps if you have a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Else, … » on your mobile

Have you seen those advertisements that flash on your mobile? Isn’t that cool.  Yes, indeed mobile marketing is the latest trend in marketing. As mobile users outnumber the number of people seeing television, reading newspapers & magazines, mobile marketing reaches … »

Poetry Translation

Poetry translation is an art in itself and the trick is to not let the feeling and emotion lose its lucidity in the process. Here are certain general observations regarding the art of poetry translation: For a translator the trick … »

Banking Translation Services

A new model is emerging worldwide in the Banking sector with large Banks taking over the smaller ones. If this trend continues it won’t be long when only few big conglomerates would exist. Banking conglomerates are already making their presence felt in almost … »

Medical Translation

Medical translation can be referred to a subject that is extremely specialized. Pharmaceutical translation is also a similar focused topic. Well-known and qualified translators suit this industry the best. Once he/she starts practicing they have to have certain basic abilities … »

Business Translation

As more and more companies are entering the international market, the demand for professional translation is also increasing. If you are planning to expand your business to a non-English speaking region, you will require the services of professional translation. Business … »

Can I learn a foreign language?

Most people today are already familiar with the concept of language learning. There are, however, many people who are not bilingual but have come across various sites or blogs that talk about language learning. This is purely because of their … » Newsletter – June 2009

It really feels great to sum up all activities and achievements of a month, especially when we have fared better than the previous months. We are proud to announce that June 2009 too, has been amongst the best months for … »

Cancerian Translator – The Crab

The Cancerian character is the least clear-cut among those associated with the zodiac – ranging from timid, shy and withdrawn to brilliant and famous. Cancerians are fundamentally conservative and appreciate a secure base. They seek this security in work as … »

Quick Translation Tips

Translation is a very complicated process as against the assumption that translation requires only changing words from the source text to the destination text.  There are many phrases in source text that if translated literally will not make sense in … »