Geminine Translator – The Twins

The sign of the Twins, Gemini is dual-natured; adaptable but elusive, communicative yet superficial, eloquent but inconsistent; this is a complex and contradictory sign. Geminians can be successful in a variety of fields, although their characteristics tend to make them … »

What is the best way to organize a big translation project?

A large volume translation project is always welcome from a revenue perspective. However, it has a few inherent challenges that must be addressed and resolved before getting into the translation phase. It is essential that the agency is realistic about … »

How can you secure quality during a big translation project?

Translation agencies typically work with multiple translators, many of whom are freelancers. While this method of work comes with cost advantages, since it implies savings in terms of overhead costs and fixed salaries, it also comes with certain inherent risks. … »

Can learning a language be a challenge?

Learning a language can sure be a tedious job. However, the passion and zeal to learn a different language altogether is quite a motivation to take a step forward. It is extremely essential that one practices on a daily basis … »

A Taurian Translator – The Bull

The Taurean’s characteristics of solidity, practicality and extreme hold them in good stead in the professional world. They serve to ensure that any project a Taurean translator undertakes is completed with complete focus and in time. Taureans are keen-witted and … »

Importance of a qualified translator

As advances in science and technology continue to reduce and shrink distances between widely spread geographic locations; individuals, businesses & governments with vastly differing cultural contexts will increasingly work together in their quest for greater synergy & efficiency. The far … »

Gender Inequality

God created Man and women. It would have been so good had it been left to that itself. But then man created languages. And he created male and female for almost everything around him. Sometimes he even went on an … »