Using the Internet in the translation activity – Part 2 of 2

Most translators said that reliability was quite problematic when using online sources because a lot of them have not been peer-reviewed and anybody can publish on the Internet. An article written by an expert is obviously more reliable than an article posted by a layperson. Most translators (50/75; 66.6%) think that online sources are not as reliable as paper sources and assessing their reliability was more difficult. »

Using the Internet in the translation activity – Part 1 of 2

The Internet has been part of the translation activity for many years now and is used by practically every translator. We can barely imagine what the translation activity was about before the Internet.
The pre-Internet era is now a thing of the past but it has changed the translation activity so much that being a translator in the eighties and before has nothing to do with today’s business. 245 translators were asked questions through interviews and questionnaires. »