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Terminolgy : Localisation – Internationalisation

Being a part of globalisation today, have you ever wondered what internationalisation and localisation mean, and what is the relation between them? Localisation Localisation refers to the manner in which a product, application or document content is tailored to meet … »

Translation of Corporate websites

If you are considering expanding your business by entering new markets and your budget is not sufficient for major-league advertising, corporate website translation can be a viable option for you. According to recent marketing reports over 100 million people access … »

Survey: Are you satisfied with your translation service?

Its time for us to know what’s cruzing through your mind when you think about Professional Translation Services. We have a quick survey related to Professional translation services and your response will allow us to better understand your needs and … »

Act Global, Think local – Website Localization

With internet becoming the most popular medium used by people world over to search information regarding almost everything under the sky including various products and services, and business websites becoming an essential marketing tool, it has become mandatory for companies … »

Should I get my website translated?

Seeking an answer to what exactly is the need for a website translator may seem weird. However, the fact that you are actually carrying out such a check indicates that you are interested in getting one for your website. This … »

Quick Translation Tips

Translation is a very complicated process as against the assumption that translation requires only changing words from the source text to the destination text.  There are many phrases in source text that if translated literally will not make sense in … »

A Taurian Translator – The Bull

The Taurean’s characteristics of solidity, practicality and extreme hold them in good stead in the professional world. They serve to ensure that any project a Taurean translator undertakes is completed with complete focus and in time. Taureans are keen-witted and … »

Gender Inequality

God created Man and women. It would have been so good had it been left to that itself. But then man created languages. And he created male and female for almost everything around him. Sometimes he even went on an … »

Importance of travel websites in various languages

“Language is the armory of the human mind, and at once contains the trophies of its past and the weapons of its future conquests.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The word of Samuel Taylor holds true, even if you want to become … »