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Newsletter – October 2009

Outstanding October was really taxing, but fruitful for the entire team of TranslationArtwork.com. We had so many new tasks to accomplish and finally we are proud to say that “Yes”, most of them have been accomplished. »

Survey: Are you satisfied with your translation service?

Its time for us to know what’s cruzing through your mind when you think about Professional Translation Services. We have a quick survey related to Professional translation services and your response will allow us to better understand your needs and … »

Suggestions for amateur translators

If you are fluent in two languages and often engage in translation, you can make this your profession. To engage in a professional translation, you must possess an expertise in the source language and the target language. Other than these … »

Cancerian Translator – The Crab

The Cancerian character is the least clear-cut among those associated with the zodiac – ranging from timid, shy and withdrawn to brilliant and famous. Cancerians are fundamentally conservative and appreciate a secure base. They seek this security in work as … »

Geminine Translator – The Twins

The sign of the Twins, Gemini is dual-natured; adaptable but elusive, communicative yet superficial, eloquent but inconsistent; this is a complex and contradictory sign. Geminians can be successful in a variety of fields, although their characteristics tend to make them … »

A Taurian Translator – The Bull

The Taurean’s characteristics of solidity, practicality and extreme hold them in good stead in the professional world. They serve to ensure that any project a Taurean translator undertakes is completed with complete focus and in time. Taureans are keen-witted and … »

Give your business a global boost

Have you ever wondered what could be the best way to beat the global recession?  The answer lies in being innovative and creative. Divert your funds towards those aspects or avenues which were earlier kept on your pending list. Start … »

Source Language – Target Language

This post is specially written for all new language experts who have just joined the bandwagon of professional translators. Welcome to the industry which is well organized to a very great extent. These days one can find various websites where … »