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The misuse of English as a Corporate Language

The misuse of English as a Corporate LanguageA light-hearted look at Management Speak

You may think this blog posting has little to do with translation but since we tend to use the language that is currently in vogue, it is surely relevant in our everyday work as translators.

Have you ever found yourself using ‘management speak’? No? Then think again… »

Observations on the differences between UK and US English in translating

“-ize” in the back of your head? A brief discussion of the pitfalls of translating into US-English if you are a UK-English native speaker and vice versa. Why it is important to bring authenticity into the end result for the main readership. Some typical examples of the basic differences that exist in these two forms of English. »

New Online Translation Service at LegalTech 2010

Lingusistic Systems, Inc., today unveiled its Select Translation Service version 2.0 at LegalTech 2010 in New York City. The latest system provides online access to four levels of translation that meets the varying needs for legal document translation. Read the complete article here. »

Newsletter – November 2009

I like adding an adjective to describe every month, but somehow for November I am unable to find a suitable adjective. But as always we like to maintain a steady updward graph with good business and more innovative ways to … »

Write and get rewarded is inviting you to contribute articles on You have always been reading what we post on our blog, but it’s time to flaunt your literary skills and get rewarded. So how do I go about? 1. You could … »

Survey: Are you satisfied with your translation service?

Its time for us to know what’s cruzing through your mind when you think about Professional Translation Services. We have a quick survey related to Professional translation services and your response will allow us to better understand your needs and … »

Is your Translation a piece of Artwork?

Many people are of the view that literary translation is an art in itself and it is undervalued and under-rated in modern society. According to this group a strong academic background in translation does not necessarily make one a good … »

Virgo Translators

The Virgo characteristics include being precise, refined, conventional & reserved. They are usually shrewd, observant and critically inclined, balancing these tendencies with judiciousness & patience. Natives of the Virgo sign are supporters of status quo and are inclined toward conservatism … »

Must Have Qualities in a Good Technical Translator

While recruiting a technical translator for a subject specific translation assignment, you must make sure that he or she meets certain perquisites. It is a good thing if the translator has a wide-ranging knowledge on the subject but what you … »