Translating from German into Spanish

Let’s consider translating from German into Spanish. Most technical manuals are sent to translation after an update, extracting content from either an available, scanned printed doc or a locked pdf. The necessary OCR process generates an editable text containing just “optical” line breaks there, where no ones actually exist. »

Observations on the differences between UK and US English in translating

“-ize” in the back of your head? A brief discussion of the pitfalls of translating into US-English if you are a UK-English native speaker and vice versa. Why it is important to bring authenticity into the end result for the main readership. Some typical examples of the basic differences that exist in these two forms of English. »

How to Be a Self Online Marketing Freelance Translator?

Learn how to become a self online marketing freelance translator shared by translator Rola Adel R. Or how to use Google to generate more translation jobs for freelance translators or translation agencies? This blog post will give you some suggestions on how to market you small business as a freelancer translator. »