Newsletter – December 2009

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2009, we eagerly await for 2010 – a new beginning – and start of another decade. December 2009 at was full of new developments to embrace the new year and lift the organization to another level. »

Translator Experience: Am I "Correct" or not?

Translator George trail shares his translation experience on
There are certain professions for which a lot of patience is essential; there is no doubt about that. Any thinking teacher or police officer will know how to elaborate on the truth in that statement. Well I feel that “translator” belongs to this list. »

Virgo Translators

The Virgo characteristics include being precise, refined, conventional & reserved. They are usually shrewd, observant and critically inclined, balancing these tendencies with judiciousness & patience. Natives of the Virgo sign are supporters of status quo and are inclined toward conservatism … »