About us

The translators in our translation agency can handle numerous language combinations for you

We currently work for you at home as well as abroad. TranslationArtwork translators are experts in our specialist fields.

History of TranslationArtwork

The Swiss company TranslationArtwork manages numerous translations orders for domestic and foreign companies. Our translators are experts in various specialist fields and work in your selected language combinations. TranslationArtwork regards itself as an insider tip among internationally active translation agencies. We work only with translators worldwide who are certificated and checked. As the CEO, Dr. Patrick Seifried manages the company and the team.
At the time it was founded, it was a conscious decision to use the combination of the words translation and artwork for the company name. Originally, the company strategy was to include both services – translations and PowerPoint design. The latter has long been described as artwork. However, this has recently undergone a change and has developed into the field of editing & formatting. The importance and attention that it enjoys at TranslationArtwork has nevertheless remained. TranslationArtwork was founded in 2007 as a business unit of ModusNext.ch GmbH, based in Thurgau in Kreuzlingen.

Our translators

The central feature of our translation agency is our translators. They have been educated and trained and have qualified at recognized universities and institutions. Today, they have at least five years’ professional experience of working in the translation industry. The core competence and crucial element of the company is the field of translation and localization and here we undertake the translation of documents in various specialist fields. For example, we work in sectors such as sport, finance, consultancy, human resources and industry. The translation of contracts also falls within our areas of expertise.
Each translation that leaves our company has been subjected to a double-checking procedure at least. Only after successful completion of this principle do we ultimately deliver the translation order to you. Should this double-checking principle not be adequate for you, you can also select the triple-checking process.

We translate in numerous language combinations for you

We work in various language combinations in order to offer you a variety of translation types. Our translation agency currently has a total of 220 language combinations in its portfolio. Besides German to English, we also translate in the following language combinations:

  • English to German
  • German to English
  • French to English
  • English to French
  • English to Spanish
  • Spanish to English
  • English to Chinese
  • Chinese to English
  • English to Swedish
  • Swedish to English
  • Czech to English
  • Turkish to English
  • Norwegian to English
  • English to Norwegian

TranslationArtwork and social media

We are of course also active in social media. You can find us on:

  • Our blog
  • Facebook (comming soon)
  • Google+ (comming soon)
  • Twitter (comming soon)

Company links

  • TranslationArtwork.ch
    Swiss website, ModusNext.ch GmbH,
    business unit TranslationArtwork, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
  • TranslationArtwork.de
    German website, ModusNext.ch GmbH,
    business unit TranslationArtwork, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
  • TranslationArtwork.com
    international website, ModusNext.ch GmbH,
    business unit TranslationArtwork, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
  • ModusNext.ch GmbH
    Swiss website, company website,
    Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

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