Specialist areas

Specialist areas are our secret to good translations

Specialist areas are crucial for the quality of a translation – our translators are well-versed in various fields and can translate your documents accurately.

We work in numerous fields

A good translation not only comes alive thanks to the vocabulary of the translator, but also through their specialist knowledge. Only by knowing and correctly using specialist terms can translations demonstrate the required quality. For this reason, we deploy translators according to specialist areas within our translation agency.

Specialist terms are a vital tool

Precise descriptions of content are no good without specialist terms, which give competence and professionalism to content. Moreover, specialist terms are also crucial for the expression of a text. A translator must be able to go into the specialist characteristics of a field. To make your content impressive, translators in our agency call upon specialist terms, which are an important part of the individual terminology of their target group. Our translators are true all-rounders. They are usually very experienced in several specialist areas and can work comprehensively in the fields required.

Translations come alive through their expression

Expression is a decisive factor for the quality of a translation. A text will only be able to sell and convince if it has the right expression. It is particularly important for content in other languages to successfully appeal to customers in a direct way in order attract them. If the content is not enhanced with specialist terms, the text will appear dull and unprofessional. To enable international success, it is vital to avoid this very scenario. Our translation agency works with translators who can also produce excellent legal and technical content. We want to offer you a translation that you, and therefore your customers, find inspiring.

Strong content with a bit of zest

Every translation relies on its pizzazz. It is important that you work with strong content to stand out from competitors. The design of the text always depends on the subject areas in which they are placed. All content is viewed by our translators as an opportunity to extend their own specialist knowledge. Translating is primarily a passion for us. We also work in those specialist areas that others avoid and we have the right experts for your specialist area.

We can support you in the following specialist areas

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Real estate
  • Industry
  • Information technology
  • Art
  • Lifestyle
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Medicine
  • Human resources
  • Law
  • Government
  • Sport
  • Taxes
  • Environment
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance
  • Science
  • Certificates

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