TA translators

TA translators have impressive qualities

The choice of our TA translators is tied in with fulfilling vital set criteria. It is only in this way that we can guarantee a high level of quality.

Passion distinguishes TA translators

It is passion that spurs on TA translators anew each day. As native speakers they are deeply rooted in their relevant source and target languages. They are therefore consistently able to achieve high quality. For a translator to work with our translation agency, they must have the following characteristics:

  • Target language = native language
  • The country of their target language is their place of residence
  • Certificated, qualified and TA-approved
  • Good customer evaluations
  • Passionate language experts
  • Same client = same translator

They must maintain the quality that you and your content deserve for each translation.

With both passion and intelligence

For every translation, TA translators can call upon passion and intelligence in equal measure. They are able to handle diverse content flexibly. TA translators have greater enthusiasm for translating than most people have for their own hobby and this professional approach is of great advantage to you. Our translators are true language experts who undertake their work with passion and intelligence. Our platform now has more than 3,000 registered translators and there is close cooperation with a total of 150 translators. Our extended circle includes another 300 language experts. We only use native speakers of the target language required. Moreover, they must also reside in the country of the target language. It is only if they fulfill these preconditions that they can grasp and take account of all the idiosyncrasies.

Our selection procedure is the promise of quality

With our selection procedure, we can promise the best quality for each translation. To achieve this, all our TA translators are certificated and qualified. All language experts are trained translators who have been awarded their certificates and diplomas by recognized official institutions. Every translator who works for us is supervised by a so-called principal who evaluates translators via various test translations. The translator is only accepted into the TA team if the results of the assessment process are good. Our translators are therefore TA-approved and this is the key to one of the most important quality features. It is only if language experts fulfill this criterion that they become part of our team. Each principal translator is a proven language expert in a specific language combination as well as a specialist field. We will already have been working with them for years.

Client evaluations call the tune

Requirements for a TA translator are clearly defined. They must be certificated or hold a diploma and they must be TA-approved. However, that is still not enough for us. We believe the opinion of the client is particularly important. For this reason, it is vital to us. When it is a matter of long-term cooperation, we only consider translators for whom we have received good client feedback.

We always allocate you the same translators

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. For this reason, we always place your translations with the same translator. Thanks to the translation memory, the translator is consistently up to date. They can also extend their knowledge as a result of the feedback loop and optimally meet the various requirements. While translating, they always have the opportunity to work as though they were an in-house employee. They know our translation agency and we know them. It is only in exceptional circumstances that we place your translations with a stand-in, for example in the event of vacations or illness. Our translation agency sets up a translation memory for each client and we use modern CAT tools to do this. The more orders we receive from you, the more precisely we can work.

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