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We believe that translating is more than a task – it is both a vocation and passion, and you therefore benefit from our experience and reliability.

A translation is more than content in another language

Behind a good translation there is more than just content in another language. The source text must be interpreted in terms of the choice of words as well as its content. Both must be appropriate for the reader. A successful rendition will give you the opportunity to position yourself on the world market.

How a good translation is developed

A good translation is characterised by a very complex and equally intensive working procedure. To achieve high quality translations, you should definitely work with an expert. A translator is like a top chef: not only creating an expressive translation for you but knowing which ingredients are still required. Besides competence, we also ensure reliability and marked awareness of quality, so that you are in the best hands. We apply the international translation standard, TEP, for all translations, thus handling the translation, editing and proofreading stages for you. The translation forms the first phase. Here, the content is converted from the source language to the target language and we entrust this to experienced translators. They produce excellent work and hold superb references.

Adaptability for the best quality

So that we can consistently deliver the best quality, adaptability is without a doubt of great importance to us. In chameleon-like fashion, our translators are excellent at handling the peculiarities of a specific language. Thus, the facets of culture and society play just as important a part as specialist expertise. Your translator is a native speaker of the target language on the one hand and a proven expert in a specialist area on the other hand. Ideally, they also live in the country of the target language.
Our adaptability is not just limited to the linguistic but also includes your document type. We can translate a text in almost all formats, as required. Therefore, we are not limited to known document types that can be edited and we can work with graphic document types. Would you also like the formatting to be taken into account as well as the translation? Then our layout and design team is the right contact for you. They are experts in their field and will produce something creative for you.

Continuous improvement is a must for us

It is most important for us that you are satisfied. We are constantly learning from you and always try to make improvements, and to achieve this we create an individual translation memory for each client. This serves as a database for gathering significant text passages, phrases and specialist terms. The translation memory is a key element of the CAT tools, which is used in the field of computer-assisted translation. Quite diverse CAT tools are utilized by our translators and this sometimes depends upon client requirements. We primarily work with SDL, Trados, Deja Vu, Wordfast and Across. The translation memory is an important basis of work for every translator, particularly for long-term cooperation. It makes a decisive contribution to each translation being aligned with customer requirements for an ideal formulation.

We set up your multilingual presentation perfectly

Do you have a PowerPoint presentation and want to put this in another language? If you wish, our PowerPoint experts can take a look at your presentation. We try to streamline each presentation impeccably thus ensuring a perfect design and optimum layout.

Reliability is a matter of course for us

We consider reliability to be an intrinsic feature of our organization. In 99 per cent of all cases, we adhere to our delivery times. Therefore, for every 100 translations, one arrives late. With this level of reliability, we ensure optimum planning security. Good service, competence and specialist knowledge are part all part of what we offer.

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