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This blog post is dedicated to all those super-talented translators who have worked with . First of all I take this opportunity to thank you for registering with us and it was our pleasure to offer translation projects to you. So far, for all the projects undertaken by us, we have received a positive feedback from our clients and to top it up, few of those have become our regular clients.

Why did you choose to register yourself with As a translator, how was your experience working with us? Are you a part of any of the online social communities of We request you to write a comment and share everything that you would like us and other translators registered on to know. It would hardly take a couple of minutes, to write your feedback as comment to this post.

I am eagerly waiting to read your comments.

Your translator friend,
Dr. Patrick Seifried
Managing Director and Founder of

18 thoughts on “Translator Feedback

  1. Nancy Chapple, said:

    I took on a challenging job with Translation Artwork via an international marketplace — a way of getting work I hope I won’t often need to do in the future. But my original freelance translating days lie 15 years back, my life took a different turn since then, and I haven’t needed to look for work since the rise of the Internet.

    Anyway: I felt fairly treated and guided in my work by Translation Artwork with what I assume would have been a difficult client. Difficult because they had a very precise understanding of the terminology they were looking for. And because — and this can be challenging as a professional translator — until I proved myself, they didn’t trust my linguistic judgment. I felt it necessary to prove with examples that the suggested terminology corrections from the client’s side had led to grammatical distortions which my professional pride would not allow me to accept. And this was accepted by the client. This whole rather difficult process was mediated by Translation Artwork. So well that I must say I prefer the agency handle the challenging direct communication with the client — as long as I feel my work is rewarded fairly. That way I can focus on what I do best: precisely understanding the source text, and creating the best possible target text on that basis.

  2. Maja Farina, said:

    I worked with Translation Artwork more than once and I was very satisfied. They are very fair and if there are problems, they are ready to help you. I hope to work with them again and very soon.

  3. Kerstin Phillips, said:

    Ich habe bereits mehrere Aufträge von Translation Artwork erhalten und bin sehr zufrieden mit der Arbeitsweise und dem sehr freundlichen, herzlichen Umgang.

    Es ist immer schön, mit einer solch zuverlässigen Agentur zu arbeiten.

    Kerstin Phillips

  4. Tommaso Maria Minardi, said:

    I started my career as a translator working in a translation agency as in-house project manager. After some years I decided to try myself as a freelance translator. I was very curious about how things were “on the other side”. has been one of the most interesting professional encounters. The way they handle projects is absolutely straightforward and time-saving. Having worked as project manager I can really tell it! Moreover, Dr. Seifried answered my questions with precision and professionalism. I’m really looking forward to working with them again!

  5. @Nancy @Maja @Karin @Tommaso.
    Thank you for your comments. It is always a pleasure for me to work with you. Excellent work so far. Talk to you soon.

  6. Ich hatte schon mehrmals die Gelegenheit, mit Translation Artwork zu arbeiten. Es waren interessante Projekte und die Zusammenarbeit war genauso professionnel wie herzlich. Ein sehr angenehmer Partner!

    Emmanuelle Riffault

  7. Lucy Streng, said:

    I have worked with Translation Artwork during the last 8 months and I must say I have been impressed with their professionalism right from the start. As a freelance translator, one experiences a lot of “chaos” – therefore it was very satisfying to see that it can also work without any problems… Looking forward to working with them again soon.

  8. Ms Nicola Devlin, said:

    I have been a freelance translator for 6 years, and have a lot of experience with online translation agencies, and find an extremely friendly, efficient and professional organization. I was happy with the turnaround times, and cannot fault then in any way.

  9. Having worked as a freelance translator for more than ten years, I have recently started to undertake assignments from It has been a pleasure to work with this agency thanks to their high level of professionalism, realistic remuneration rates and friendly approach.

    Quality is clearly important to them as they select their translators carefully, based on their expertise and experience and the testing of their skills. I find this a key consideration when working with a new agency as I would only wish to be associated with a company that maintains high standards.

    I look forward to continuing cooperation with in the future as it is always gratifying to work with agencies who appreciate the work of their freelancers and to whom mutual respect is important.

    Amanda Johnston

  10. Hi there fellow translators and service providers,
    If the Internet and translation websites offering job postings and opportunities was an efficient springboard to take our business to higher levels, takes you one level higher bringing these job opportunities knocking at your door…call it room service if you like, but that is just how it is! Sit back, relax, wait for an alert saying there is a job waiting, a few clicks and the job is all yours…! No need for introductions, providing credentials, etc., since it is all a part of your membership here! Payment sooner than you can expect, in the mode that suits you best! You are in charge of the way you do your business!
    So, instead of the need for you to approach prospective customers, they come to you via TranslationArtwork…! Ever heard of a customer knocking at your door? Well, that is how TranslationArtwork transforms the way business in this industry gets done. Like they say, instead of Allah going to the mountain, it is time for the mountain to come all the way to Allah…! I wish TranslationArtwork all the very best and extend a warm welcome to all new members of this website that has redefined the manner in which translators get down to doing their business…!

  11. andaf, said:

    I have worked on several projects for Translation Artwork, and each project was a challenge for me, that’s what I like in my work. I love TA especially for their online project management, for our easy and fast communication and, of course, for your realiability. I hope I will work with you in the future, I wish you all the best!

  12. Anja Wulf, said:

    It must be said that in comparison to a few other translation agencies that I have worked with, Translation Artwork is a very pleasant experience to do business with as a freelance translator. Return of any and all email correspondence is very swift; the business is personalized, streamlined and organized, and terms of payment are straightforward, honored to the letter and always prompt.

    I consider it of highest importance to always honor the agreed-upon terms of a translation project from my end, and so it is a real treat to work with an agency that takes its own commitments to its translators just as seriously in return. Additionally, Translation Artwork has forwarded me some really great feedback from different clients I have done work for, which consistently makes me feel that my work is valued and appreciated.

    Always a pleasure, Patrick!

  13. Alejandro Sincich, said:

    TA makes posible a real telework collaboration environment: profesionals involved in remote project developments and at the same time, enhancing their professional profile under a reliable and considered staff management…

    As technical translator, coming from the engineering field, I find in each and every work contact with the TA staff a new reason for personal satisfaction.

    My best wishes!

  14. Kerstin Drexler, said:

    Die Arbeit mit der Agentur war äußerst angenehm, Rückfragen wurden direkt an den Kunden weitergeleitet und mit ihm geklärt und die Antworten zuverlässig und schnell an mich zurückgeleitet.
    Sehr professionell!

  15. Caterina Pezzuti, said:

    I have worked with Translation Artwork only once (till now), but on that occasion I was very satisfied. They are very professional, reliable and ready to help you. I hope to work with them again very soon.

  16. Sworn Translator Wasel Abou Damaa, said:

    Cordial Greetings to you all. Actually, I haven’t got the honor to work with Translation ArtWork yet, but through these wonderful comments I hope I can get similar experience.
    Wish you all luck, success and progress in all your business and life affairs.
    Very best regards

    Sworn Translator Wasel Abou Damaa
    Damascus, Syria

  17. document translation, said:

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  18., said:

    Hey there, You’ve done a fantastic job.

    I will definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends.

    I am confident they will be benefited from this website.

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